(Last Updated On: May 28, 2020)

A lot of notebooks, databases and resources have been published by IBM Research on its Data Asset eXchange (DAX) for developers to use for free.

DAX is an online hub with managed, free data sets that AI developers and data scientists will be able to use under open data licenses. DAX resources become open-source code, security and compliance information, specialist learning tools as well as expert support. 

The three Watson Studio projects are also some of the recent additions. IBM Watson Studio is an AI developer tool that aims at enterprises, that can aid data scientists and researchers to develop models and produce data at scale throughout any cloud.

The three new Watson Studio projects are:

  • The DAX Weather Project: utilises the NOAA Weather—JFK Airport dataset

  • The DAX Fashion—MNIST Project: harnesses the Fashion—MNIST dataset

  • The DAX Groningen Meaning Bank Project: uses the DAX GMB dataset

The datasets as well as the many notebooks, showing how to extract, analyse and model the given data, are used in the three projects, that users can shift to Watson Studio with ease.

Some of the other additions to DAX are IBM Project Debater datasets, document analysis and extraction datasets (PubTabNet and PubLayNet), Video-Text compliance dataset for video action comprehension, as well as exploratory data analysis notebook to have an easier understanding of newly-added datasets.

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