(Last Updated On: May 19, 2021)

IBM said it will be taking over a consulting partner for Salesforce, Waeg, in a deal that will elongate its variety of services and support its hybrid cloud and AI strategy.

This deal will be advantageous for IBM’s acquisition in January of 7Summits, which is a IS consultancy that focuses on Salesforce’s customer management software.

“Waeg’s strength in Salesforce consulting services will be key to creating intelligent workflows that allow our clients to keep pace with changing customer and employee needs and expectations,” the senior vice president of IBM Services and Global Business Services, Mark Foster said.

Waeg has a group of 130 ‘Waegers’ in multiple places, such as Belgium, Denmark, France, Ireland, Poland, Portugal, and the Netherlands.

The details regarding the deal have yet to be revealed, which is determined by customary closing conditions and is predicted to be finished by this quarter.

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