(Last Updated On: November 17, 2020)

In order to sell some kinds of chips to Huawei, Qualcomm has acquired its licence from the US government, avoiding the sanction that had been placed since last year.

The company told Reuters that an exemption had been made for some 4G products but no specifics were given for which technologies would be chosen under the licence.

Huawei has been a part of the US ‘non-entity’ list since 2019, a status that stops the Chinese company from doing business with American tech firms based on national security. This means that the company has only had a small amount of accessibility to important technical features like Google applications and US-manufactured parts.

A restriction had been made much more severe when Washington decided that there were “technical loopholes” which enabled chipmakers to make sure their products were not known as a ‘US-made’ regardless of counting American technologies.

These harsher rules have majorly had an impact on Huawei’s access to off-the-shelf technologies, design software, and manufacturing tools. 

This new deal with Qualcomm will not exactly solve all its issues as Huawei has only used the other company’s cheaper model of chips in smaller quantities. Qualcomm did, however, tell Reuters that they were working on other licence applications as well.

Image by: Karlis Dambrans

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