(Last Updated On: June 25, 2020)

Infront Systems, the service provider has been called one of Nutanix’s new “Master Partners” in Australia.

Master Partner is at the top of the tier list of Nutanix partners, which had been decided as it had the most closed deals and held the most certifications. In Australia, Infront is one of five such partners, and the other four are ASI Solutions (through its BEarena acquisition in February 2020), Qirx, Thomas Duryea Logicalis and xAmplify Services.

The MSP is known for its work in the government sector, especially the nationwide effort to shift whole organisations to the cloud and in recent times, allowed for remote working arrangements because of the coronavirus lockdown.

Allan King, the Infront chief executive talked about the importance of becoming a master partner because it highlights the Infront team’s efforts throughout the years.

“To be able to achieve Master Partner status with similar figures to partners in much larger regions like the US is testament to the success we’ve had with Nutanix over the last three years,” King said.

“I’d like to thank Nutanix for the acknowledgement – it speaks not just to the testament of what we had achieved, but culturally it helps us as a business to step up and shine in what is often a very crowded and competitive landscape.”

Infront has also been successful with Splunk, mainly by providing software and hardware as a turnkey offering.

Andrew Diamond Nutanix ANZ channel director said that obtaining Master Partner status is very hard in Australia as the requirements are the same as those in the United States.

“It’s an investment from partners to achieve this kind of status because it’s really the partners demonstrating they have the same competencies and capabilities as any other master partner worldwide,” he said.

“Infront’s achievement means they can stand shoulder to shoulder with any Nutanix partner worldwide at this stage, which is actually really exciting.”

Image by: Nutanix_HQ

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