(Last Updated On: August 14, 2020)

Instagram will be asking users to verify their identities if the platform believes that there is ‘potential inauthentic behaviour’ as it tries to take out bots and other accounts that are exploiting it.

Instagram said that the new policy will not have an effect on a majority of its users but only sceptical accounts will be aimed at. In the statement, they elaborated that this move will contain accounts that are possibly involved in coordinated inauthentic behaviour or when most of a user’s followers come from a separate country than the one they are located in or if it contains signs of automation such as bot accounts.

Now, suspicious accounts will be required to verify their identity by providing a government ID. If they do not comply, Instagram will down-rank that account’s posts on the feed or disable their accounts completely.

Facebook also has a similar policy in place that requires people that run popular pages to verify their identities.

Instagram has especially faced scrutiny for not doing enough in order to stop its platform from being used for election interference. 

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