(Last Updated On: March 23, 2020)

Intel and AMD have a new competitor in their profitable server and cloud computing market. This rival is unexpected and could give the two companies a run for their money. 

From research conducted and tested by Andrei Frumusanu from Anandtech, it has been found that Amazon’s new Graviton2 CPU is the new competitor in the market when it comes to performance per dollar.

Graviton2 had been tested against two other cloud computing resources provided by Amazon Web Services: the m5a (AMD EPYC 7571) and m5n (Intel Xeon Platinum 8259CL Cascade Lake). Andrei had found out that it could offer savings of up to 54%, which he said represented “a massive shakeup for the AWS and EC2 ecosystem.”

Amazon’s chip comes from Annapurna Labs and contains 64 A76 ARM cores, which relates to what people have in their smartphones, as well as 33MB cache and high clock speed. Annapurna Labs’ only customer is Amazon, which means that the processor is very much modified just to fit in for AWS workloads.

Andrei said that, unless users are bound to the x86 platform, it would be mindless not to move over to Graviton2, once it is widely available for everything from VPN (AWS VPN) to web hosting (AWS LightSail).

Currently, it can be expected for AMD’s EPYC2 processors to put up a fight, until Graviton3 lands.

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