(Last Updated On: September 10, 2019)

The latest processor by Intel Corp has been unveiled on Tuesday and will be the first using artificial intelligence (AI) which is designed for large computing centres.

The chip was developed in Haifa, Israel. The chip is called Nervana NNP-I or Springhill and is based on a 10 nanometre Ice Lake processor which allows big workloads to be coped with while also using low amounts of energy. Facebook has already started using the product, it said.

This first AI product came up after it had invested in an Israeli AI startup which included Habana Labs and NeuroBlade.

General manager of Intel’s artificial intelligence products group, Naveen Rao said, “In order to reach a future situation of ‘AI everywhere’, we have to deal with huge amounts of data generated and make sure organisations are equipped with what they need to make effective use of the data and process them where they are collected,”

As the need for complicated computations in the AI field increases, this chip will Intel Xeon processors in bigger companies.

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