(Last Updated On: September 8, 2020)

London, Italy’s competition watchdog has started an inquiry into Google, Apple and Dropbox due to a supposed anti-market practice in their cloud computing services.

The Competition and Market Authority have released six investigations into Google Drive, iCloud and DropBox.

This investigation came in after various complaints claimed that the companies held unfair, commercial practices.

The Italian watchdog said, “The parties involved are Google (for the Google Drive service), Apple (for the iCloud service) and Dropbox, each concerned both by a proceeding for alleged unfair commercial practices and/or violations of the Consumer Rights Directive and by one for alleged clauses vexatious included in the contractual conditions.”

Especially the inquiries into Google and Apple’s unjust practices concern insufficient indication when introducing the service, of the collection and “use for commercial purposes of the data provided by the user and the possible undue influence in towards consumers”.

Dropbox had also had the same complaints raised against it. This move came after a large action was taken by the EU against the companies in order to clarify their terms and conditions and offer better privacy protections for the end-users.

Facebook has switched its terms and conditions due to pressure from EU officials a year ago.

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