(Last Updated On: February 26, 2021)

Layer 8 Security, Australia’s cybersecurity awareness specialist has brought on Uptime Systems as its latest distributor.

This will be Uptime’s first foray out of the business continuity hardware, adding cybersecurity offering along with its portfolio of UPS systems, racks, mounting brackets and so much more.

“Layer 8 Security was looking for a proactive distributor, someone who will actively target the market and assist in growing the market for both companies. Layer 8 Security wanted a value-added distributor, which Uptime Systems definitely excels at,” Jesse De Haan, Layer 8 managing director had told CRN.

“Layer 8 Security wants to target the larger tier of resellers with Uptime Systems, as well as the mid-tier. This will allow both Uptime Systems and Layer 8 Security to share customers and contacts while penetrating both companies deeper into the market.”

Layer8 focuses on cybersecurity awareness products such as gamified training and team building solutions, as well as a cyber escape room, live hacking sessions, incident and response analysis. Security audits for firms are also offered. 

Brad Andrews, Uptime Systems chief executive had spoken to CRN and said that the company will be going through with the full Layer 8 Security offering in Australia and in New Zealand.

“We will be offering reseller partners in person and online training and certification programs for LAYER 8 solution offerings,” Andrews said.

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