(Last Updated On: June 22, 2020)

Microsoft has acquired ADRM Software to strengthen its data capabilities of data modelling in Azure, which will eventually allow for the development of a next-generation data lake. Details regarding the takeover have yet to be disclosed.

ADRM is a veteran in the data-modelling field and has teamed up with Microsoft relating to its Azure cloud platform, prior to this partnership.

In a LinkedIn post, the president and CEO of ADRM Sofware, Kevin Schofield said, “We’ve spent decades building an unmatched portfolio of comprehensive industry-specific data models.” According to his LinkedIn profile, Schofield has been a part of the company since 1999.

Microsft commended ADRM’s “robust industry data models” which have been “built and refined over decades for business-critical analytics.”

The corporate vice president for Azure Global Industry at Microsoft, Ravi Krishnaswamy, wrote in a blog post, “Combining comprehensive industry models from ADRM with limitless storage and compute from Azure allows for the creation of the intelligent data lake where data from multiple lines of business can be harmonized together more quickly,”

“Together with Microsoft Azure, these capabilities will be delivered at scale, enabling our customers to accelerate digital progress, and reduce risk in a variety of major initiatives,” Krishnaswamy added.

Schofield added that ADRM’s team has joined the Azure engineering organisation at Microsoft.

“As we worked closely with the Azure team during the past year, we became very enthusiastic about the tremendous additional acceleration we can unlock for enterprise customers,” he wrote.

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