(Last Updated On: January 20, 2021)

Microsoft and Tanla Platforms have released ‘Wisely’ an edge-to-edge global blockchain network in order to send encrypted SMSes, emails, and other types of business communication in the middle of enterprises and services providers.

The Chairman and CEO of Tanla Platforms, Uday Reddy, had spoken to ET and said, “Wisely, powered by Microsoft is a gamechanger for enterprises, mobile carriers, OTT players, marketers and industry regulators. With Wisely, user’s personal data stays personal and all players in the commercial communication ecosystem are empowered with choice and trust.”

According to the company, the network is combined with global service providers for omnichannel communication – which also contains SMS, email, voice, RCS, OTT apps, and push notifications which can be obtained through a single API (application programming interface).

Research says that the size of the global CPaaS (communication platform as a service) market last year was $20 billion, which has been predicted to become double within the next three years.

This solution has been developed by Microsoft for Tanla and it has been provided with three patents in cryptography and blockchain processes by the US Patents and Trademark Office.

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