(Last Updated On: January 5, 2021)

Microsoft Defender for Office 365 will be having some new security updates after Microsoft had added remediation enhancements to its Microsoft 365 roadmap. At the moment, the releases are still in its development stage, and eventually, it will aid security teams in order to reduce threats and address suspicious emails.

The first update is has been called, “additional remediation actions,” and will also include more steps for businesses to fight against security issues. A first, this will include new actions that are relevant to dangerous emails, and later on, it will move on to more entities.

The next release would include “remediation enhancements” and will also offer security benefits, which will provide more options for IT teams to look into, review and deal with possible new threats prior to it causing consequential damages to a company’s IT infrastructure. 

The Microsoft 365 roadmap elaborates that, ”We are retiring the ability to delete attachments as a response action. “We’re also increasing the export limit of records from mail submissions or action log in the action centre to 100,000. We’re adding two new columns to the action log details view within the action centre. The first is a column for network message ID, allowing security teams to review based on network message ID. The second is a column for ‘Already in Destination’. Previously, all records submitted for remediation were remediated based on their original delivery location.”

Microsoft also offers more information in regards to how the company will be aiding businesses to amend malicious emails which have been delivered in Office 365. Instead, companies will be able to make the decision of automated remediation by offering particular actions after certain security triggers have been activated. 

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