(Last Updated On: March 26, 2021)

Microsoft Edge for Linux’ newest development showcases two important functions for Linux users.

The re-imagined Chrome-based Microsoft Edge is the first web browser from the company that is officially supported in Linux. The cross-platform browser that is already accessible on macOS, other than iOS and Android, is still in development on Linux and can be downloaded only under the Dev channel.

The browser beginning from the 91.0.831.1 version, has pushed out the sign-in and sync features for Linux users too.

At the moment, this feature will only work with Microsoft accounts. It also only provides support for personal Microsoft accounts, so Azure Active Directory (AAD) accounts are not supported for now.

After signing in, the browser will sync up with the users’ favourites, their passwords, extension, and so much more, throughout all the installations of the browser via the one Microsoft account.

The feature is disabled by default and has to be enabled only through edge://flag settings by turning on the MSA sign-in option.

The Dev channel is used for early-bird testers and must be used carefully. Using the feature can end in a lot of repercussions, such as the browser being troublesome or even crashing.

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