(Last Updated On: February 18, 2021)

Microsoft Edge will receive a new Kids Mode in order to provide better protection for younger kids on the internet.

At the moment, this feature is only available through the Canary test channel but it is predicted to soon be available on the dev channel, and afterwards a general release.

“Kids Mode is a convenient browsing mode inside Microsoft Edge that’s designed for kids. With its kid-friendly features and safety guardrails in place, Kids Mode is a great place for children to safely explore the web. Kids Mode includes features like custom browser themes, kid-friendly content, browsing based on an allow list, Bing SafeSearch set to strict, and a password requirement to exit. Also, Kids Mode doesn’t require a child account or profile,” a support page from Microsoft wrote.

The new mode is also very much customizable, while guardians are able to give kids access to child-friendly sites which could be blocked by default. Child users will also be able to personalize the themes on Kids Mode.

To get into Kids Mode, users of Edge will need to switch profiles from the browser frame and choose “Browse in Kids Mode”. If they are signed in, then users will be able to sync the new mode onto various devices.

In order to come out of Kids Mode, users will just need to enter their device password. More features will soon be added to this mode. 

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