(Last Updated On: April 9, 2021)

Microsoft has started pushing out a new security feature for Edge in Windows 10 which will stop unauthenticated users from using autofill to put passwords into its browser.

Microsoft Edge has a built-in password manager which lets users store and autofill their passwords. Even though this is convenient, the feature does have the possibility of being abused if a user were to leave their computer. 

Because of this, Microsoft will now be trying out a new optional feature within the Canary build of Edge which will need successful user authentication prior to the users starting to use autofill in order to login to their online accounts.

Once it has been enabled in Edge, this new feature will need users to authenticate using Windows Hello prior to letting them autofill passwords. Although, this feature can also be put into devices that do not support Windows Hello.

Users will also be able to choose if the browser will automatically sign the users into websites or if they need to authenticate every time they sign in. Users also have the option to sign in once every minute or once every session when trying to autofill passwords. 

Once users allow this new security feature in Edge, a Windows Security prompt will show up each time the user wishes to use the browser’s autofill feature to put in stored passwords. Users will need to put in a PIN or use other Windows Hello methods like facial recognition or fingerprint matching to authenticate and have edge autofill passwords.

Edge Canary has this feature being tested and it is possible that it will come to a stable version of Edge in a future update to Microsoft’s Chromium-based browser.

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