Microsoft is in the lead when it comes to cloud wars against Amazon and Google

(Last Updated On: February 22, 2020)

Currently, Microsoft is at the top when it comes to the popularity of cloud services suppliers and is constantly obtaining market share against large rivals such as Amazon, a survey from Goldman Sachs says. 

  • The most recent biannual IT Spending Survey of chief information officers at large companies at Goldman Sachs’, revealed that although Amazon maintains the lead position in cloud services regarding overall revenue and spending, Microsoft is the most popular supplier, and is constantly gaining market share.

  • Technology executives were questioned about their choices in vendors in terms of public cloud deployments, mainly in these two areas: IaaS (Infrastructure-as-as-service) and PaaS (platform-as-a-service). In both categories, Microsoft has shown that it “demonstrated continued momentum,” in turn surpassing Amazon.

  • Azure software has been in the lead when compared to AWS and it has only been going up since the 2017 December survey at Goldman Sachs.

  • Reports also show that in three years, a majority of executives have an expectation from their companies to be using Azure more than any cloud service, including AWS.

  • Google and its cloud initiative (GCP) on the other hand have stayed as a solid third-place contender, although a slight fall in traction was visible to analysts, and it seems as though few people have been using the services and will continue to do so in the next three years as well.

  • But even with the small decline, a more positive future has been predicted as Alphabet CEO Sudar Pichai and Cloud CEO Thomas Kurian have been putting in a lot of effort to get back on track, at the top with the two cloud leaders.

The cloud computing wars is just at its start and there is a lot of potential market share to still go around: About 23% of IT workloads are currently on public clouds, and that number will continue to rise to 43% in three years time. Because of how popular the cloud services market is, it is highly likely that its value will boom up to $1 trillion.

In AWS revenue’s last quarter, $9 billion had been reported. No report had been put out by Microsoft specifically to Azure, but analysts did predict that it is probable that it was about $4.33 billion.

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