(Last Updated On: October 22, 2020)

Microsoft will be coming up with an update to help users with future videoconferencing mistakes.

The “AI-based real-time noise suppression” development has been arranged to be unveiled in November 2020. This feature, “will automatically remove unwelcome background noise during your meetings,” Windows Latest said.

AI technology will be used to observe the audio is the users and “specially trained deep neural networks” will sift through background noises and the user’s voice, the planning document of the company said.

Teams users will be given the option to switch on a “High” noise suppression setting. At the moment, it automatically refuses some sounds, but the new “High” setting will allow it to suppress even more of the noise.

Zoom includes background noise suppression as well, which can be switched to low, medium or high, but is usually set to Auto.

The Team’s video and messaging app has seen a lot of popularity during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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