(Last Updated On: October 16, 2020)

Microsoft has made many changes to the manner in which Windows confirms drivers, as a part of its recent October 2020 Patch Tuesday updates.

The company is hoping to get rid of malware that will exploit vulnerable hardware drivers to weaken Windows 10 systems.

The new driver verification model will be helping secure users but there is also a possibility for driver errors in Windows 10 if the company is not able to confirm the software publisher of a driver.

At the moment, Windows 10 shows two driver error messages that users could possibly see when it fails verification. The initial error will show, “Windows can’t verify the publisher of this driver software” and the second message will read “No signature was present in the subject”. These messages show that Windows found a formatted catalogue file that was flawed while attempting to approve a driver and that the installation procedure will fail.

Microsoft support documents, users “should contact the driver vendor or device manufacturer (OEM) and ask them for an updated driver to correct the issue” if Windows 10 is not able to verify a driver.

Before a new driver system upgrades through time, the user will be required to contact driver vendors or device, manufacturers directly, in case of a driver error message, and will the company will hopefully be able to provide a fix for the issue with an updated driver.

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