Microsoft plans on bringing it Defender antivirus software to Android and iOS later this year

(Last Updated On: February 21, 2020)

Microsoft has shown that it is considering bringing its Defender antivirus software to Android and iOS sometime this year. 

Apps are being developed by the company right now for both mobile operating systems that will offer antivirus prevention as well as “a full command-line experience”.

Although details about the app’s functionality have not yet been shared, a preview has been planned for the RSA conference that will soon take place. 

It is possible that the company’s Defender apps will be diverse from their other desktop equivalents and this is to some extent because Apple does not enable their apps to be scanned for malware on iOS.

Although, there are many different Antivirus apps on Google’s mobile operating system that can detect malware in apps which have been sideloaded onto a user’s device.

It is very possible that one of the main features of the Defender on iOS and Android will be phishing prevention because Microsoft is hoping to secure businesses from their employees’ usernames, passwords, and other account details being revealed to possible hackers.

Defender on mobiles will be a part of Microsoft’s enterprise security platform but it is not clear if an antivirus app will be made available to consumers, for now.

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