(Last Updated On: March 20, 2020)

Microsoft Teams showed that it had a sudden rise of 12 million daily users in the last week, which brought its total to 44 million. Millions of employees are now working from home, so this spike is unsurprising. 

Microsoft Teams also released a range of new features in order to celebrate their third anniversary today. 

Due to the sudden increase in user activity, Microsoft Teams registered more than 900 million meetings and calling minutes for every day this week. The new features are available for users from today. Real-time noise suspension for video conferencing is one of the new features that will lessen the background noise.

Another new feature is the new raise hand feature where users will be able to select to say something in the middle of a big video conference call. It also allows users to bring chats out into a separate window. Offline and low-bandwidth support that enables users to take on tasks such as reading chat messages and replying to them is also another feature.

Microsoft and RealWear also partnered up for head-mounted devices which can be used by users of Teams, to be able to communicate hands-free from job sites. There will also be an expansion in the device ecosystem to bring out products such as Yealink VC210 and Bose 700 UC noise-cancelling headphones.

These new updates by Teams come after Slack, its rival had released a big app redesign. Slack’s redesign provides a simpler and more easily customisable layout and feature for users and it also includes a new navigation bar, compose button and a more convenient sidebar. Slack has yet to report a burst in user base.

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