(Last Updated On: October 23, 2020)

Microsoft will become the technology partner for CES 2021, The Consumer Technology Association said. For the first, this will be a completely digital event. It will have solutions, support and the basic cloud technologies required in order to provide content to those that attend CES 2021.

This conference will gather the global tech community, spreading important details on the newest technology development, latest products, as well as industry leaders’ insights. Microsoft will offer Microsoft Azure, Teams, and Power Platform systems in order to support the showcases, media events programming, networking events, etc. that are put together for the conference. 

Microsoft was chosen for this conference because of its “technical expertise, global scale and experience in creating compelling digital events,” the CTA president and CEO, Gary Shapiro said. 

CES 2021 is prepared to take place from January 11th-14th, whole registrations for the conference will start this December.

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