(Last Updated On: November 17, 2020)

Microsoft says it is working on shifting a Windows 10 antivirus feature towards its Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) provision for macOS.

Microsoft’s product roadmap shows that Network Protection to the macOS version of Microsoft Defender of EndPoint will soon be revealed, which will lessen the likelihood that a security product will have issues with an internet-based attack.

“[Network Protection] prevents employees from using any applications to access dangerous domains that may host phishing scams, exploits, and other malicious content on the internet,” the company said.

The feature will put measures in place in order to stop outbound traffic that goes towards domains that are known for concealing malicious content.

The macOS version of Microsoft Defender for Endpoint first released in the summer of 2019, with most of the features that can be seen in the equivalent service for Windows 10. 

The service does have some compatibility problems with some products that run macOS 11.

“Extensive testing of MDE with new system extension on macOS11 revealed an intermittent issue that impacts macOS devices with specific graphics card models. In rare cases, on impacted macOS devices calls into macOS system extensions were seen resulting in a kernel panic,” Microsoft said.

Kernel panic, for the uninitiated, is a measure that has been placed for scenarios where the operating system finds an error from where it cannot come back from. If this error is found, the system automatically shuts down.

Usually, restarting the system will fix the problems, but it becomes a serious issue when kernel panic happens more times, which has an effect on the device’s usability. 

Microsoft and Apple are currently working together to fix the problem.

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