(Last Updated On: September 23, 2020)

Microsoft has come up with a huge display that is aimed for conference rooms, hospitals and other large corporate group gatherings. 

Estimated at $21,999, the Surface Hub 2S 85 will be made available in January and has started pre-sales. This name comes from a popular computer/tablet that had been created by Microsoft.

In a blog, Microsoft said, “With the changes in our work landscape and more people working remotely, now more than ever, businesses are looking for technology that helps recreate the energy and connection we feel when we’re in a room together.”

This unit is a sequel to the 55-inch edition in 2019. Microsoft said, “One benefit to a larger screen that Hub provides is that it can help implement social distancing for people to stay six feet apart while working together.”

This huge device that looks like a flat-screen TV will include a floor-supported wall mount as well a mobile cart. It will also contain a webcam which is removable and clips on to the top of the unit.

Zoom has also announced its own meeting device, although the video meeting company’s 27-inch DTEN ME unit sells their device for a more low-cost $599.

Facebook Portal, Google’s Nest Hub Max and Amazon Echo Show’s video display makers will soon start providing access to Zoom too, with Portal starting this month, along with the other two adding it towards the end of the year.

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