(Last Updated On: March 26, 2021)

Microsoft’s Security Response Center (MSRC) has come up with a new bounty program for all ethical hackers to be able to unveil any vulnerabilities in Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft has many bug bounty programs that provide rewards for external developers for showcasing the issues of their apps. The new Microsoft Applications Bounty program is made just to find security gaffes in the apps.

“Microsoft and security researchers across the planet continue to partner to help secure customers and the technologies we use for remote collaboration,” says Program Manager, MSRC, Lynn Miyashita.

She also added that this new program is an enlargement of its current efforts to make sure that the app is secure.

The aim of this program is to unveil any important technical issues that the company says should show a verifiable and immediate impact on the security of its users of the Teams desktop client. The bounty of the program varies between $ 500 to $30,000.

MSRC has found five critical scenarios that can cause the most issues and vulnerabilities that affect those start at $6000. Issues outside the purview of those five scenarios will for between $500 and $15000.

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