(Last Updated On: April 9, 2020)

Mozilla Corporation reported that it has made Mitchell Baker, long-time chairwoman, into CEO. Bakers will be taking the place of Chris Beard, who will be stepping down from his position by the end of the year.

Baker is a sensible choice to lead the company. She will bring the solidity of a person who has worked at the Mozilla Corporation since 2003. She wrote in a company blog post about the challenges that lie ahead, such as steering through the current economic unpredictability and the competitiveness they will face with its flagship Firefox browser.

Baker wrote, “It’s a time of challenge on many levels, there’s no question about that. Mozilla’s flagship product remains excellent, but the competition is stiff. The increasing vertical integration of internet experience remains a deep challenge. It’s also a time of need, and of opportunity. Increasingly, numbers of people recognize that the internet needs attention.”

When Beard had officially left the company, Baker had been an interim CEO from December. When her official title had been announced by the board in their blog post, they maintained that a person with her unique combination of skills and experience was required to help the company go through this next stage.

“Mitchell’s deep understanding of Mozilla’s existing businesses gives her the ability to provide direction and support to drive this important work forward. And her leadership style grounded in openness and honesty is helping the organization navigate through the uncertainty that COVID-19 has created for Mozillians at work and at home,” the board wrote.

Mozilla Corporation was found in 1998 and is most popular for its open-source Firefox browser. Although, they do have rigid rivals such as Apple, Google and Microsoft, in the browser market.

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