(Last Updated On: January 15, 2020)

Microsoft has another deadline this month, along with the Window’s 7’s end of life.

Microsoft’s partnership with Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program has till 31st January to be able to sign in to the latest Microsoft Partner Agreement if they wish to continue the transaction with the vendor.

The new Agreement had been introduced in September 2019, and it authorises the partners to be able to transact with the Microsoft CSP program. This new agreement will replace a certain amount of legacy agreements, which also includes the Cloud Reseller Agreement for CSP Direct Bill Partners, Cloud Distributor for CSP Indirect Providers, Cloud Reseller Agreement Multi-Tier Amendment and the Terms and Conditions Agreement for Indirect Resellers.

It will be required for partners at Microsoft CSP to accept the agreement, which includes indirect resellers, to be able to continue making new customers or be able to place new orders for their current customers.

If partners were not to accept the agreement after 31st January, they will not be able to place new orders, and they will also be limited to manage their customer’s subscription who already exist.

The agreement can be accepted using the Microsoft’s Partner Center portal, that had started in June 2019 in order to replace the Cloud Partner Portal.

Microsoft believes that the new Partner Centre will make it a lot easier for partners to be able to register with Microsoft, gain a partner network ID and be able to make their profile for the commercial marketplace.

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