(Last Updated On: July 10, 2020)

Nokia has released a set of tools for data centre networking, which has been developed in cooperation with Apple, in order to help companies to manage the growth in traffic as 5G and machine learning technologies get pushed out.

As 5G networks continue to grow, large quantities of data will be created as a lot more household appliances as well as other machines will be synced with sensors and AI tools, and in-turn will create “internet-of-things”.

Nokia, which is in competition with Huawei and Ericsson in order to build 5G networks, has been widening its portfolio by adding on open interfaces to its 5G equipment and releasing new networking products.

Nokia’s chief technology officer for IP and optical business, Steve Vogelsang, said, “We worked very closely with (Apple) over the last two-plus years to understand their requirements.”

The new tools will help companies run large data centres, which are known as hyperscalers, like Amazon, Google, Microsoft and Facebook. The products will help them scale up resources quickly.

Apple will be releasing Nokia’s new system in its Viborg, Denmark data centre.

These new products will also be aimed at other cloud builders, like telecom operators and big enterprises that are developing their own private clouds.

The Finland based company has signed up BT and Equinix as customers and will also be aiming for Oracle, Google and Amazon.

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