(Last Updated On: October 14, 2020)

Nokia will be switching from its own data centres and servers in dozens of countries that aren’t as efficient.

“Every few years you have to go and invest in all of this hardware, so we get to break that cycle,” the company’s vice president of global IT infrastructure, Ravi Parmasad said.

Instead, they will be moving towards building network equipment for next-generation 5G wireless services. Pekka Lundmark, the new Chief Executive Officer is currently fighting against Ericsson AB and Huawei, for the global 5G market.

President of Google Cloud sales, Rob Enslin, said, “We are making significant progress really fast in the telco space,” relating to the recent deals with carriers, like Vodaphone. 

Recently, Google also won a multi-year deal in order to store the manufacturing data of Renault SA, which establishes the tech giants first large industrial cloud deal in France.

Google has also become one of the largest providers of the internet infrastructure, by building the “pipes” of the internet in a role that has been monopolized by telecom operators previously.

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