(Last Updated On: June 26, 2020)

Selene is an ARM-based supercomputer which ranks at number 7 in the newest Top500 supercomputer ranking. Selene is a special supercomputer as it includes AMD’s Rome EPYC 7742 processors (65 cores, clocked at 2.25GHz) as well as Nvidia’s newest A100 accelerators. The machine is also owned by Nvidia.

It is unclear as to why the company needs a powerful supercomputer, but it is possible this will charm possible customers or even try out its technology live.

Selene has 277,760 cores and half a petabyte of memory, with Nvidia’s own Mellanox HDR Infiniband connecting the lot. Fugaku is currently at the top as Selene is at 27.58 petaflops which is notably less powerful.

In the supercomputing sector, AMD and HPE’s Cray have won two further contracts with the US Department of Energy to develop two supercomputers which will break the exaflop barrier. 

It is expected for the first Frontier to be released next year. The second, El Capitan will start operations in 2023 with two exaflops, which will approximately be 80 times faster than Selene.

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