(Last Updated On: September 19, 2019)

Oracle and VMware Inc have come up with a deal which will straighten out the tension over the way Oracle has handled technical support for VMware users and making it a lot easier for them to move towards Oracle’s cloud computing service.

Oracle is competing with Amazon.com and Microsoft to provide cloud service, where businesses can use Oracle’s data centres to deal with their computer needs. Businesses have recently been trying to pursue bigger businesses to work with the cloud instead of running their own data centres.

VMware has become popular recently, although companies are more commonly using them to power their own data centres. Cloud providers need technical compatibility with VMware, to gain more customers. Amazon, Microsoft and Alphabet Inc’s Google have all announced their partnerships with VMware in recent years.

Oracle allows joint customers to move VMware based computing work to its cloud without having to rework its code, said the senior vice president of engineering Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, Clay Magouyrk.

“We focused on giving customers maximum control. We had to do some fundamental engineering,” he told Reuters.

Oracle also offers technical support to its customers who run their applications on top of VMware. A lot of other companies do not run business-critical systems like financial software along with the option for support. In the past, Oracle and VMware clashed due to this issue.

VMware’s physical computer server splits into multiple smaller “virtual” machines to make sure that companies computers are put to full use.

Oracle’s relationship with VMware has definitely improved over the last 20 years, according to Sanjay Poonen, the chief operating officer for customer operations at VMware.

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