(Last Updated On: September 21, 2019)

Larry Ellison, Oracle’s Co-founder and CTO has announced that the company will have Cloud regions globally, more than Amazon Web Services (AWS), Amazon’s Cloud arm, within a year.

At the Oracle “OpenWorld 2019” conference, Ellison had said that the Cloud major had 16 hyper-scale regions, around the world, currently.

“All the Oracle regions run all the Oracle services. So in all 16 of those regions, you’ll find NetSuite. In all 16 of those regions, you’ll find Fusion applications. In all 16 of those regions, you’ll find Oracle Analytics Cloud, in addition, to obviously the Autonomous Database and compute and storage,” Ellison told during the conference.

“When we meet next year at this, we’ll have more regions than AWS. It’s stunning an “it’s absolutely stunning. We expect to add more than 1,000 Autonomous Database customers this quarter alone, and it’s accelerating,” he said.

AWS Cloud goes up to 69 Availability Zones within 22 geographic Cloud regions all over the world. 9 more Availability Zones have been announced which include three more regions in Jakarta, Cape Town and Milan.

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) currently has 20 regions and Microsoft Azure is in the lead with 50 Cloud regions.

Currently, Oracle Cloud has opened 12 regions within the past year and operated 16 regions globally.

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