(Last Updated On: April 14, 2020)

Cyble, the US cybersecurity firm whose experts have found more than 5 lakh Zoom account credentials are on sale online on the Dark Web. Users and passwords were being sold by hackers that are linked to over 500,000 Zoom accounts, while some accounts were being sold for less than a penny and in some circumstances, they were given away for free as well on the Dark Web. 

On the internet or clearnet that billions of people use every single day through their mobile and desktop devices, the Dark Web is a network of websites, forums, and communication tools just like email.

BleepingComputer had noticed that these Zoom accounts had been on sale on April 1st. The company had bought over5.3 lakh credentials at a mass price of $0.002 per account. They even received a few of the accounts for free.  

The hacked credentials contained personal meeting URLs, the user’s email addresses, passwords, and host key, which is a six-digit pin that relates to the Zoom user’s account, which is used to host meetings.

Some of these accounts came from large companies such as Chase, Citibank and multiple institutions as well.

Earlier in the month, Zoom had applied an update to make meetings of certain account types to be more secure and private as well.

In February, a cybersecurity company had found some new database of credit and debit cards that had been issued by Indian banks and were accessible on sale on the Dark Web. This database has records of payments of 461,976 cards, and 98% of those had come from the “biggest Indian banks”.

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