(Last Updated On: February 18, 2021)

Six advertising firms have come together to help marketers and app developers adapt to the soon to come changes in Apple which will have an effect on the advertising of iPhones.

Apple will soon start to nudge iPhone users to let the app use their data for personalized advertising, which is a move that has received a lot of backlash from competing companies such as Facebook, which said that this would harm the company’s ad business.

The Post-IDFA Alliance will offer advice, tips and the best practices in order to help advertisers and developers to make sure their ads are positioned in front of the relevant consumer, and this effect of their ads can still be looked into even after the changes have been made by Apple, the chief executive of mobile marketing company Liftoff, Mark Ellis, who is a part of the alliance said.

What the alliance provides can be videos, webinars and much more, like what data is Apple approved.

In this new alliance, the companies included are Fyber, Chartboost, Singular, InMobi and Vungle, who are all firms that focus on mobile advertising.

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