(Last Updated On: May 25, 2020)

Telstra keeps fighting for its place in 5G by using the unveiling of a new mobile broadband device which can be used on the budding network. 

It has been named the 5G Wi-Fi Pro, and Telstra says that the device will be Australia’s first mobile broadband device that is compatible with a millimetre (mmWave). The company plans on launching this 5G technology next year, in 2021.

The device will cost $599 and will contain a 2.4-inch touch screen which will include a data usage meter, gigabit ethernet, USB connectivity and Wi-Fi 6. The device will also be powered by a 4500mAH battery, and Telstra says that it will have 9 hours of continuous battery life.

In Australia “Telstra product and service design executive, Andrew Stormont said the device’s launch is “another major step in the evolution of 5G.”

Stormon said, “We’re always working towards the future, and today we’re announcing another huge leap in connectivity for our customers by delivering the first mmWave compatible device. 

“mmWave is going to be a big part of our 5G future and with the Telstra 5G Wi-Fi Pro we are offering customers a device that will be able to take advantage of the next iteration of 5G as soon as it arrives.”

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