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(Last Updated On: January 1, 2021)

Tencent’s online games had been taken out and then put back into Huawei’s app store in a controversy regarding revenue sharing by the Chinese companies.

Huawei had been determined for a 50% cut of Tencent’s game sales on the app store and Tencent games had been taken out as the companies were not able to come up with a deal they could agree on.

IDC and Canalys market researchers said regarding global market data that, Tencent sells a couple of its highly ranked online games around the world as Huawei has a 41.4% share of the China mobile phone market and 14.9% of the global market.

The games had been put back after some more debating, Tencent said also adding that “both sides will continue to work together to bring better experiences and services to consumers”.

A lot of game developers are against Huawei’s revenue demands, which also includes Mihoyo- a company from Shanghai, which refused to place its popular game “Genshin Impact”  on Huawei’s app store because of the company’s sales commission structure.

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