(Last Updated On: March 30, 2020)

The Digital Transformation Agency has put off the release of its new Cloud Marketplace panel to “at least” June 2020 because of the “significant impact” of the coronavirus pandemic and the “unprecedented” disruption that the workplace has seen.

Alternatively, the DTA will maintain the operations of the current CSP arrangement, which has been expanded by one more year with the focus of making sure continuity for current sellers and their respective government buyers.

Cloud Marketplace (CMP 2.0) is the agency’s organized replacement of the current Cloud Services Panel (CSP), which handles about 500 cloud services from over 240 sellers.

This month CMP 2.0 was meant to go live, once the term of the current CSP expires in the same month as well.

The announcment said, “The CSP will continue to operate to its original scope and specifications under the cloud computing reference architecture, defined by the US-based National Institute for Standards and Technology.” 

Current sellers that already exist will be able to attach new cloud offerings or update their existing cloud services, conditional to the range and requirements of the current arrangement. 

This delay will also mean that no new sellers will be able to be a part of the current arrangement, the Australian Government’s Commonwealth Procurement Rules says. 

The DTA has also stopped the CSP Administration Fee, or the Supplier Administration Fee or SAF, and it will not be able to charge it to sellers, starting from April 2020. 

“We will continue to implement planned improvements to the cloud services catalogue and related reporting requirements to address stakeholder feedback,” the DTA said. 

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