(Last Updated On: January 13, 2021)

The Google News Initiative released a worldwide open fund in order to fight fake news regarding coronavirus vaccines, which is worth up to US$3 million.

This initiative is called the “COVID-19 Vaccine Counter Misinformation Open Fund” which is focused on providing support journalistic work to thoroughly fact-check misinformation regarding the coronavirus immunisation process, the initiative that started on Tuesday said in a blog post.

“While the COVID-19 infodemic has been global in nature, misinformation has also been used to target specific populations,” the post added.

“Some of the available research also suggests that the audiences coming across misinformation and those seeking fact checks don’t necessarily overlap.”

The fund will receive projects that seek to enlarge the audience of fact-checks, mainly to groups that are excessively hit by fake news.

The application will be evaluated by a group of 14 jurors that vary throughout the academic, media, medical and non-profit sectors, and representatives that come from the World Health Organisation.

The Google News Initiative had pledged US$1.5 million in order to fund a coronavirus vaccine media hub which will provide support for fact-checking researching.

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