(Last Updated On: July 27, 2020)

Just a couple of weeks after blocking popular apps such as Tik Tok and 58 others, India has banned 47 more Chinese apps due to national security and privacy issues.

 “We have banned 47 mobile apps from China in this ongoing exercise which highlights the government’s seriousness about data privacy and security,” an official told AFP.

The order was issued on Friday. Most of these 47 apps are banned for the same reasons as the earlier 59, and many were lite versions or variants of the earlier banned applications.”

Regarding the ban, no official statement has been released by the government yet.

Due to 20 Indian soldiers being killed, in the middle of June anti-China sentiment has grown and continues to do so. A lot of protests have grown and Chinese products have also been banned.

It is possible that about 275 other Chinese apps such as the popular PUBG Mobile game, might also be banned due to related concerns.  

China exports over 3,000 products to India from home appliances, cosmetics, toys, pharma, and auto components as well. 

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