(Last Updated On: December 3, 2020)

The National Labor Relations Board had issued a complaint that claimed Google had illegally been monitoring and questioning many workers who had been laid off because they had protested against the company’s policies and tried to arrange a union.

The complaint also said that the labour regulator in the US had seen that Google had been illegally placing their employees on administrative leave and terminated them for going through documents that linked to the company’s internal policies, the complaint said. They also said that they saw those unlawful Google policy for accessing documents and meeting rooms as well as strategies for investigating staff as all the efforts had been focused on discouraging workplace organisations.

Google believes that everything they have followed is legal. 

“Google has always worked to support a culture of internal discussion, and we place immense trust in our employees. Actions undertaken by the employees at issue were a serious violation of our policies and an unacceptable breach of a trusted responsibility,” the company said.

Google also believes that the employees had been spreading details which broke the security rules.

This firing process and the battle between the company and the workers have been rounded off at two years in the US. At the moment, one of the problems is the amount of input the rank and files have on which projects the company accepts and how it manages sexual misconduct and other workplace issues.

Around five people have been laid off after efforts to rally colleagues partnered with the Communications Workers of America union to petition the NLRB to challenge Google.

“At a time when we’re seeing the power of a handful of tech billionaires consolidate control over our lives and our society.”  Laurence Berland, an employee that had been fired said about the complaint.

The NLRB had not incorporated in its complaint many other claims found by the workers, who were willing to appeal.

December 16th is the deadline for Google to officially reply to the NLRB. The case might bring back the workers that had been laid off and might also change the policies the company currently follows. It is also planned to be tried in front of an administrative law judge on April 12th.

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