(Last Updated On: July 15, 2020)

The UK government has announced that it will be removing the existing equipment of Huawei by 2027, and a ban will also be placed on buying new equipment from the Chinese company starting 31st of December this year, due to the boost in tensions with Beijing.

China has put out a warning to the UK, regarding the consequences they would face if it were to ban Huawei.

The move came after the UK faced pressure from the US government, which had also placed a ban on Huawei as a part of its sanction, as well as a technical review from the UK’s National Cyber Security Center (NCSC) as a reply to the US sanctions.

“By the time of the next election we will have implemented in law an irreversible path for the complete removal of Huawei equipment from our 5G networks,” Oliver Dowden, the Digital Secretary said in a statement to the House of Commons.

The decision had officially been made on Wednesday, during the NSC meeting which was chaired by Johnson. These had been inflicted on the Chinese company in May, once the UK had made the initial decision regarding high-risk vendors, and will also be the first of its kind to get rid of the company’s access to equipment that was built based on US semiconductor technology.

NCSC technical experts looked into the consequences the company will face because of the sanctions and found that it will require some serious reconfiguration in its supply chain as Hauwei will not have entry to the technology that it depends on at the moment.

Officials also said that the new ban will make it impossible to be able to assure the security of Huawei products in the future.

From next year onwards, a ban will be placed on the purchasing of new Huawei kit for 5G and by 2027, it will be fully taken away from 5G networks. 

“5G will be transformative for our country, but only if we have confidence in the security and resilience of the infrastructure it is built upon. “Following US sanctions against Huawei and updated technical advice from our cyber experts, the government has decided it is necessary to ban Huawei from our 5G networks,” said Dowden.

“No new kit is to be added from January 2021, and UK 5G networks will be Huawei free by the end of 2027. This decisive move provides the industry with the clarity and certainty it needs to get on with delivering 5G across the UK,” he added.

As soon as possible, the government will be looking to legislate with a new Telecoms Security Bill to position the powers required to execute this new rigorous telecoms security framework.

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