(Last Updated On: September 25, 2020)

TikTok has given an Australian government committee permission to review the app’s algorithm and test its source code, as it hopes to prevail over the issues regarding mistrust of the app operator’s China ownership.

ByteDance, the owner of TikTok has come up with a deal with Oracle and Walmart which it is hoped will put a stop to the US plans to ban TikTok in the country based on national security concerns. The deal will see the start of a solo US company, TikTok Global, which does not include any transfer of technology, although Oracle will still be capable of looking into TikTok source code.

The Australian executives of TikTok had appeared in Canberra in front of a Select Committee of Foreign Interference through Social Media, where the instructions which guide the content shown to TikTok users would be very much available for inspection.

Roland Cloutier Global Chief Security Officer said, “(It will be) available in a public setting for regulators, governments, commercial entities to come in and to test our code.”

TikTok wrote to the committee saying that government officials could review the app’s algorithm, as well as test its source code at a transparency and accountability centre in LA in the US and one more can be built in Washington, or via virtual tours of the centres.

The app also said that its source code is not the same as its Chinese version Douyin.

ByteDance’s deal will initiate a US subsidiary of which it will own 80%.

Oracle and Walmart did say that a larger part of the ownership of TikTok Global would be with the US, abiding by President Trump’s August 14th executive order, which is for ByteDance to hand over ownership of the app within 90 days.

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