(Last Updated On: August 3, 2020)

Google Cloud said that its Q2 revenues rose over 43% on year in a time period where Alphabet had been through a revenue struggle.

Another mark of success is that Amazon Web Services has seen a 29% rise in revenues for its Q2.

AWS said that COVID-19 had an effect on partnerships with some of its biggest customers, even though its revenue still totalled $10.81 billion for the quarter, which is equal to about 12% of Amazon’s total revenue.

Google Cloud’s revenue earned $3.007 billion for Q2 2020, which is up 43% from $2.1 billion year-on-year and $2.77 billion in the year before, even though this did show a lower rate of growth from Q1 2019, where year-on-year revenue had reached 52%.  

Google CFO Ruth Porat said, “GCP maintained the strong level of revenue growth it delivered in the first quarter, and its revenue growth was again meaningfully above cloud overall.” 

“Overall, the lower Google Cloud revenue growth in the second quarter relative to the first quarter reflects the fact that G Suite lapped a price increase that was introduced in April last year. G suite maintained healthy growth in average revenue per seat as well as in-seat growth which does not include customers who took advantage of our free trials as they shifted their employees to work-from-home.” 

Google Cloud showed a highlight for the company with the report seeing Google record its first quarterly decline since it went public. Alphabet stated that its total revenue of $31.6 billion, down from $31.7 billion in the same time period last year.

Both Google Cloud and AWS were imitated by their competition Microsoft Azure, as it had gone through a huge rise in demand for cloud computing capacity in the last 10 years. Remote working has also seen a huge rise in the use of Azure, along with revenues in the division rising 27% year over year in Microsoft’s recent Q2 2020 results.

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