(Last Updated On: April 1, 2021)

Twitter says it has started labelling tweets that contain misleading details regarding coronavirus vaccines and using a “strike system” to end up removing accounts that constantly break its rules.

The company said it would begin using human reviewers to understand if tweets break its policy against coronavirus vaccine misinformation. Soon, the work will be done through an amalgamation of humans and automation.

The social media platform has already banned a lot of COVID-related misinformation in December, as well as falsehoods regarding how the virus spreads, or how effective face masks are, or the risk of infection and death.

“Through the use of the strike system, we hope to educate people on why certain content breaks our rules so they have the opportunity to further consider their behaviour and their impact on the public conversation,” Twitter said in a blog post.

Those users that have a violation or a strike, will not have any repercussions. A double strike will end up in that account being blocked for 12 hours and if there are five or more violations, the users will be banned from the app permanently.

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