(Last Updated On: October 20, 2020)

Google Chrome as well as other Chromium-based browsers have been putting unknown files named “debug.log” on the desktops for users of Windows 10.

A majority of users did report this file, research by Windows Latest says that Chromium browsers are responsible for it and not Microsoft.

Chromium powers a lot of web browsers such as Chrome, Brave, Opera, Vivaldi and Edge. Since it is widely used, a bug within Chromium will have an effect on all the browsers. 

After Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome and other Chromium-based browsers had been updated this month, this new bug had appeared along with an error message called:  “FindFirstFile: The System cannot find the path specified”.

The file is not malicious but even if users were to delete it, the file will continue to recreate itself.

Usually, users will be able to stop Chromium browsers from developing the debug.log file on their desktop.

In order to fix this issue, users must open Windows Run by choosing Win+R or typing “Run” into the start menu in Windows 10. Then enter %localappdata%MicrosoftEdgeUser DataCrashpad for Microsoft Edge or %localappdata%GoogleChromeUser DataCrashpad for Chrome in order to find a folder called Crashpad. 

The files will need to be deleted in the folder prior to users restarting their computer. This will stop the issue from reappearing on their desktop again.

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