VMware takes its customers’ experience to the next level by developing a new 4000-plus organisation

(Last Updated On: February 14, 2020)

VMware is going to the next level with its customers’ experience as it has developed a new 4000-plus organisation that merges VMware’s global services, customer success, professional services and technical support teams together. 

In a statement VMware said, “We spent many months talking to our customers, studying best practices in the software industry, and driving to internal consensus, so that we could create a new unified Customer Experience Team that we believe will help take VMware to the next level of customer satisfaction and success.” 

Sumit Dhawan has been brought on to take charge of the new customer experience. He will be taking Scott Bajitos, VMware’s former global chief customer officers place as the company’s new senior vice president and chief customers experience officer. 

Prior to this, Dhawan acted as general manager between 2013 and 2018 and led the company’s multi-billion-dollar user computing business and then left and went on to become the CEO of Instart, a web application performance and security services startup. Dhawan also held multiple executive roles at Citrix Systems for about 15 years.

Dhawan will be reporting back directly to VMware Chief Operating Officer Sanjay Poonen, who will be leading the team of the new customer experience which will hold over 4,000 employees which also contains VMware’s professional services, global services, technical support, premier support, technical account management and customer success teams. 

After some executives that customers face, such as Bajitos and Mark Ritacoo, the vice president of operations and customer intelligence left, the new customer experience came into place at VMware. Hundreds of employees had been laid off by the company last month as a part of a workplace rebalancing that takes place every year. 

A new Partner Program will be launched on February 29th in order to increase revenue growth and to better customer relationships this year.

VMware said, “the goal is to create an integrated and agile team that can deliver best-in-class customer experience at scale, across VMware’s solution areas.”

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