(Last Updated On: August 29, 2019)

Pick and shovel company, VMware helps enterprises incorporate the technology which has become popular for underpinning, bitcoin, the world’s largest crypto asset, in a decentralized and measurable manner.

VMware started the process of blockchain by developing their own model after reading up on the technology. Pratima Rao Gluckman, lead VMware blockchain engineering said, “We have a fantastic research team at VMware who basically went off and came up with a scalable Byzantine Fault Tolerant consensus protocol, that is pretty much the foundation of our blockchain – it is our platform.”

AT&T, Nestle and Mastercard and a growing number of other enterprises that have been diving into the blockchain application, for a number of different reasons. While a number of well-known companies have been coming up with products and services that help out these endeavours.

Companies such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), IBM and Oracle have been creating a variety of blockchain framework and solutions, which helps make the technology a lot easier for other companies to adopt and use, depending on their needs.

“This is primarily our focus right now is providing enterprise-grade decentralized trust, robust day-2 operations and making it developer-friendly so we can have as many decentralized applications that are going to be written on our blockchain,” Gluckman added.

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