(Last Updated On: January 14, 2021)

Zoom is looking to set in motion a huge funding push. Within the new preliminary prospectus, it had been announced by the company that it is seeking to raise $1.75 billion via a new stock offering and that it also appreciates Oracle and AWS the same.

In the previous year, Oracle had at first declared that it had been Zoom’s cloud partner of choice, only for AWS to then make an inconsistent claim a couple of months after. In the prospectus, it says that Zoom is looking to resolve any doubt by showing that neither, or both if you’re of a positive disposition, is its preferred cloud partner. 

“We currently serve our users from various co-located data centres located throughout the world. We also utilize Amazon Web Services and Oracle Cloud for the hosting of certain critical aspects of our business, as well as Microsoft Azure for limited customer-specified managed services. As part of our distributed meeting architecture, we establish private links between data centres that automatically transfer data between various data centres in order to optimize performance on our platform,” the prospectus said.

Zoom is also seeking to boost quite a lot of money by 2021. This push for more money is going forward based on the forthcoming return to normalcy once coronavirus has led to large rise in remote working and, as a result, the use of digital collaboration tools.

It is unsure if the expansion will continue once staff go back to offices but Zoon has already warned that revenue growth is not very likely to be as grand this year as it was in 2020.

From Zoom to Microsoft, all video collaboration tools have an uncertain future. Zoom has also not made as much profit because it has taken out its free session limit feature for multiple users.

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