(Last Updated On: October 28, 2020)

Zoom has brought on a feature that was very much requested. Earlier in the year, the video conferencing service had been criticized for saying it would only provide end-to-end encryption to its paid users. Now the company has finally brought on the feature for free users as well. This new feature will be a part of Zoom 5.4.0 on mobile phones and desktops.

Although, the new feature does have some issues. If a free user chooses to use end-to-end encryption during a meeting, other features such as cloud recording, live transcription and meeting reaction will not be accessible. Participants will also not be able to be a part of the call by phone. 

They will also have to join using the Zoom app instead of using a web browser. Another catch is that users will also be required to give out their phone numbers and billing details. 

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