(Last Updated On: July 31, 2020)

Zoom is looking to extend and innovate a lot more in India, by speeding up the hiring of DevOps engineers, IT, security and business operations personnel in the country.

The company has offices in Mumbai and data centres located in Hyderabad and Mumbai and has now talked about its plans to open up a tech centre in Bangalore.

President of Engineering and Products at Zoom, Velchamy Sankarlingam, said in a blog post” We are excited to hire key talent. Employees will work from home until it is safe to move into the new facility. “We continue to invest significantly in supporting global audiences, and India will play a critical role in that growth and innovation,” he added.

CEO of Zoom, Eric S. Yuan said that it is excited to offer free services to more than 2,300 educational institutions in India during the coronavirus.

“We plan to hire key employees for the technology centre over the next few years, pulling from India’s highly-educated engineering talent pool. This facility will play a critical role in Zoom’s continued growth.”

At the moment, Zoom is assisting many companies such as Teach for India, IMS Learning Resources Private Limited, IFFCO and the CyberPeace Foundation.

Zoom has found a 6,700 per cent rise in free user sign-ups in India, starting from January to April 2020.

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