(Last Updated On: February 25, 2021)

A useful feature to come into Zoom is it’s automatic closed captioning in calls, which will be released later in the year, for all users. For now, this feature can only be accessed by paid users.

This feature will allow for easier accessibility for users and it has already offered other features for free, like closed captioning and screen reader support, and pinning or spotlighting interpreter video. The video conferencing company will also let its free users manually add closed captions to a call.

Although, manually adding captions might be a dull task, and the automated closed captions are a lot quicker and works with AI. Once requested, free users will be allowed to use automatic captions as it is a requirement for some users.

“To help free account holders who require Live Transcription, starting today and up until the feature’s broader release, we will also be offering automatic closed captioning to meeting hosts who need accommodation upon request,” the company said in its blog.

Users can fill out a form here to make this request and will also receive a confirmation email from the company. “Since we expect a high volume of requests, we appreciate your patience as we work to make automatic closed captioning available for all of our users,” the blog post said. After receiving approval, users can look for this in their settings.

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